“… if he didn’t push you back down when you tried to get up, you would never give up living this hell with him.  You needed him to break you so that you could see all of the broken pieces from your childhood, and begin to put yourself back together.  You needed to break down so that you could finally be ready to leave him, so that you could finally be free.”

About The Book.

What Happens In This House is a semi-autobiographical account of the journey from the shame of secret abuse through self-liberation to freedom from the generational cycle of abuse. In her authorial debut, Dominique Lamb chronicles her experiences with interpersonal violence, educating her readers on the different aspects of interpersonal abuse and helping the reader understand and sympathize with the victims trapped in its cycle. As her journey continues, Dominique outlines the grief and depression she endured when leaving the relationship and trying to rebuild her self-esteem.

Her heartache was not cured by a new relationship but, instead, was confronted and replaced with self-love, forgiveness, and the resolve to never be a victim again. In What Happens, she goes on to explain how her life-changing training and education to become a domestic violence awareness advocate ended up not only freeing herself from the perpetual pattern of abuse but also helped her recognize the duty to transform her life into a crusade to free others as well.

More than just her journey, What Happens is a revolution against the practice of hiding and denying the shame of our abuse and of all of the pain we endure behind closed doors. What Happens screams the darkest thoughts of the victims hiding in plain sight — denouncing the notion of minding our business and standing by idly, respecting our neighbor’s “right” to suffer in silence. It exposes the need for us to share our struggle in order to help each other. As Dominique recounts her journey, she sheds light on the abuse as well as the way out; the road of never turning back. What Happens turns hopeful as Dominique describes how she has come to intimately understand what factors are critical to a healthy relationship, the most important being your own sense of self-worth and self-respect. While she cautions that no relationship is perfect, she inspires the reader to seek something even more desirable than perfection, something real. Perfection becomes a symbol of the hiding and denial of the past which is not to be trusted. Instead, readers come to prioritize the 5 factors she discovered were critical in her first healthy relationship. Through What Happens, Dominique helps her readers recognize the attitudes and habits that have normalized abuse and caused it to become the unspeakable issue that it is. Her honesty draws readers in; in turn, readers are challenged to tell the uncomfortable truth and then do something about it.

About The Author.

While pursuing her Master’s degree at George Mason University, Dominique began studying and working in the domestic violence awareness field, promoting domestic violence prevention on college campuses in the DC Metro area with Doorways for Women and Families. Upon graduation, Dominique quickly rose through the ranks in a new start-up organization, Saving Promise, with a vision to mobilize 100,000 people to denounce domestic violence.

In her capacity at both organizations as well as independently, Dominique has conducted workshops and lectures with the goal of raising awareness and helping others to identify unhealthy behaviors and to contrast them with the healthy relationship model we rarely see. At this point, her work and personal experience inspired her to write a book that responds to the most commonly overlooked aspect of the domestic violence awareness field: prevention. But, her work with leaders in the field helped her to understand how important it was to approach this issue strategically. Her education and past work experience taught her the importance of addressing the root cause of social issues, pursuing social change rather than only performing community service. Dominique realized that domestic violence remained prevalent because many of the established domestic violence organizations were not investing significant time and resources to prevention efforts and were neglecting to pursue effective methods of prevention. Dominique attributed her personal experience with domestic violence to a lack of education on domestic violence and healthy relationships, which inspired her to reshape perspectives from an early age through publicly funded education, mandated by legislation.

Dominique Lamb is from the Washington, DC metro area. She has degrees in Politics, Philosophy, and Digital Media from Washington & Lee University, George Mason University and University of Maryland University College (UMUC).